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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available at HCCA to qualified elementary students (1st through 8th grade) on an as-needed basis. Financial aid is not available to preschool students. Current salary, net worth, and circumstances of the parents or guardian are considered in determining the amount of financial aid. Financial aid is granted on a one-year basis and all applicants must be evaluated each school year. Any student who receives financial aid must be exemplary in their academics and behavior.

Parents interested in making applications for financial aid should contact the school administration and apply no later than April 1. After the final approval by the Financial Aid Committee, each applicant will be notified in writing of the decision regarding their specific request by April 30th of each year. The maximum awarded any one student will not exceed 1/2 of tuition.

If you are interested in gaining more information about financial aid, please contact the school office.

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